Bringing Brazil to you during COVID – 19.


Since many of us are trying to balance work and downtime from home, the team at BeBrazil have decided to put together a few suggestions of recipes, music, and movies, to transport you from your couch or kitchen, all the way to Brazil. 


Brigaderios are mandatory at any birthday in Brazil, but are also great for rainy days on the sofa! Karolina from BeBrazil will take you through a lesson in this


A fragrent fish stew that is a staple of Bahian gastronomy. It is a wonderful representative of our mixed cultural heritage, as Conor from the Salvador office will explain. 

Pão de queijo

American Youtuber Hilah teaches us how to make the famous cheese bread, which is best enjoyed with a cup of Brazilian Coffee!


Brazilian Music

Amor, Festa e Devoção (Love, Party and Devotion) is a complete show by Maria Bethânia, one of Brasil’s greatest interpreters. This is a collection of her most famous songs.

On the Wild Side

BBC’s Seven Worlds, One Planet, is a magnificent documentary that has an entire episode dedicated to South America, with many scenes shot in Brazil.