A message from Araceli Dimeglio, Owner, Passion For Events

Dear clients and friends from around the world.

My team and I are trying to stick together in these difficult times, knowing we will embrace you again soon. We follow the news around the world and see the difficult times you are all facing in each of our countries.

Argentina is also affected and has taken very drastic measures to protect the residents and tourists. We feel the right measures have been taken at the right time to stop the spread of the virus, and as a country we feel prepared.

We would like to say that we are still here, and we will remain here putting in our best efforts to adapt to this disruptive time. We understand that we are all a community, and more than ever we have to stay together and support each other.

As in Tango Dance, we want to keep all the embraces for the next time we can see you all. Until then, remain safe, healthy, stay positive, and don’t let this situation dim your passion for travel!