The Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town, has of late been battling a terrible drought which resulted in negative press for the city and the perceived impact this could have on its tourism.

The positive news is that the city of Cape Town and its 4 million residents banded together and various water saving techniques were implemented.

As of August 2018, the dam levels of the Western Cape that feed Cape Town are sitting at 58,9% (up over 103% from the same time in 2017).  This is as a direct result of the local population taking water saving techniques on board, the hotels encouraging their guests to be more water minded, various desalination plants being implemented throughout the region coupled with the recent heavy rain and snow fall. By all accounts the drought’s back has been broken!

Cape Town will continue to implement water saving techniques, as should everyone on the planet, to protect this scarce and valuable resource and, we are sure, will be used as a benchmark for many other international cities moving forward.


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