A message from Anna Nagy, Director of BeBrazil

From my desk at home, I’m thinking about each one of you. Over the past few weeks, countries and cities have asked their citizens to stay home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, to care for the elderly and their loved ones. We at BeBrazil have done no different. Our main concern is with the health and well-being of our team, our families, our passengers, suppliers, and partners worldwide. The only thing we can do to help, is stay home.

We have been working from home since Monday last week, and have been in close touch with many of you postponing bookings, helping guests get back home, looking at the future, and standing together during this time. Thank you to each one of you for your continued support.

Our industry is about people and for people, although we are in a social distancing mode, we would love to invite you for a “virtual casual Coffee” to break the routine, say “Hi” and catch up. We are happy to schedule online training and webinars to help you increase your destination knowledge.

During this time, our team will be dedicated to creating new exciting programs, updating our product, and getting ready for the near future where you will all need our full support and creativity.

I’m personally very thankful for the great team I have today at Be, and know for certain that we will come out of this stronger together.

We work in an industry that delivers dreams, connects people, explores different cultures, and enriches us every time. I believe that after this period of isolation, the desire to explore will increase and we are here stronger than ever to help deliver each and every one of those dreams.

Stay Home, Stay Healthy and BE POSITIVE always!